Time and employee location tracking system

Within the business process automation project, we developed an employee work hour registration and patrol system control solution that automates the protocoling of the patrol process and makes it more transparent. Until now, the daily procedure was employees registering the executed work in paper forms that were placed at checkpoints, allowing scope for the falsification of data and making work supervision more difficult. After introducing the solution, the process is fully automated and the daily work of employees is easier, because protocoling is done automatically. 

The solution was created for the needs of a large number of security and cleaning personnel, and can also be adapted to other types of services and industries. 



The technological solution is based on iBeacon transmitters placed at crucial points on employee patrol routes, and an Android app that automatically registers an employee’s arrival within the checkpoint’s area of activity – the data is automatically sent to the reporting system through the app. The iBeacon technology is especially suitable for internal and short routes that are harder to track with GPS and similar sensors. Just as important are the low installation and maintenance costs of iBeacon transmitters – which can be attached to any surface and are battery operated (one battery’s life cycle: 18–36 months).


The reporting system provides many features:

  • Creation and management of employee profiles
  • Management and monitoring of checkpoints and routes
  • Checkpoint visiting reports online and generation in XLS or PDF format
  • Work hour reports online and generation in XLS or PDF format
  • Issue report reviewing functionality
  • Management of reporting system users and access rights with the option to create different types of users,
  • etc.


  • electronic registration of work hours
  • electronic tracking of patrol routes
  • opportunity to identify problems at checkpoints
  • opportunity to compare estimated workload with actual work hours
  • continuous accessibility of the latest information in the system
  • paper reports replaced with electronic reports
  • comprehensive reports, data sorting and analysing features

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