Food and Veterinary Service’s inspectors app

We see the Food and Veterinary Service’s (FVS) initiative to digitise the bureaucratic inspection protocol process as a good example of responsible management. Within the project, we developed an app for Android tablets that includes 220 FVS inspection protocol forms with the option to dynamically add new forms and synchronise them with the FVS’s central database solution. 



The app includes a wide range of functionality for the daily work needs of FVS inspectors:

  • Inspector authorisation and profile management
  • Starting and concluding inspections, and other activities
  • Protocol forms and automation of the entered inspection information
  • Data synchronisation with the FVS system and between devices, using internet or Bluetooth
  • Offline mode – app supports full functionality
  • Dynamic importing and saving of protocol forms – option to manage forms remotely
  • Inspection archive and notes feature
  • Company information search and history of inspections
  • Work efficiency reports for management-level users
  • Energy saving mode and other settings for the convenience of inspectors



Basically, replacing paper forms with a digital solution that offers several significant advantages:

  • at least 200% faster entering of information
  • more accurate employee efficiency management
  • more transparent procedures
  • improved information circulation among inspectors
  • reduced human error factor when entering information
  • improved work efficiency – more inspections performed


Within the project, we developed the app’s technical specifications, web service documentation, organized usability testing and visual design develpoment, programmed and tested Android apps (including testing documentation), integrated with the client’s server-side system, published the app on iTunes and Google Play portals, and ensured maintenance after publishing.

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