Mobile app for Närkefrakt logistics subctrontactors

Närkefrakt, one of the largest transportation companies in Sweden, sought a partner who could promptly introduce a mobile solution for the daily work needs of their truck drivers.

Within the project, we developed iOS and Android mobile apps that allow drivers to enter information about freight during pickup and delivery, and send the entered information to the company’s joint freight system.

The app’s main functionality is the bar-code scanner that facilitates the registration of each individual freight unit that is loaded onto a truck or delivered to a client. The scanner has an ergonomic design and a multitude of functions that save employees time entering information, and allow it to be used in any conditions, such as poor lighting.

Regarding the specific nature of drivers’ work and that internet connection is not always available, the app is fully functional in offline mode – data is stored without internet connection and automatically sent to the system as soon as internet becomes available.

Delivery functionality includes space for the client’s signature, and the option to add photos proving delivery in case the client was not present during delivery. The geographical location, or coordinates, are also automatically registered alongside delivery information.

The app also includes push notifications, or notification functionality, which the company uses to communicate with drivers.


  • Efficient information circulation – all information about freight entered in the app reaches the system in seconds.
  • Opportunity to quickly expand workforce – app can be installed on any iOS or Android device. This provides the opportunity to quickly engage additional workers and subcontractors as necessary, because app use is easy and doesn’t require specialised devices or training.
  • Significantly reduced costs – the solution allows drivers to use their private phones in daily work. The company can save on purchasing additional technologies.
  • Reduced human error – the app checks registered information and informs drivers about inaccurate data.


Project was developed in close cooperation with our Swedish partners Wappo. Within the project, we developed the app’s technical specifications, web service documentation and visual design, programmed and tested iOS and Android apps (including testing documentation), integrated with the client’s server-side system, published the app on iTunes and Google Play portals, and ensured maintenance after publishing. The project was implemented in less than two months. 

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