G4S encashment app

Speed and accuracy are crucial parts of daily work in the security business; so security company G4S decided to introduce a mobile solution for cash collectors. The solution allows to considerably reduce the time needed for the protocoling of each collection, thus serving more clients faster, and avoiding inaccuracies in collection data due to human error.

The main app functionality is the schedule of collections, and the scanner that allows the scanning of bar-codes on bags or seals, thus digitalising the receipt or delivery. 

The solution can consist of several components:

  • specialised industrial Android device with in-built bar-code scanner
  • app for processing information
  • Bluetooth printer for printing collection protocols
  • integration with the central collection system


Within the project, we developed the app’s technical specifications, web service documentation and visual design, programmed and tested iOS and Android apps (including testing documentation), integrated with the client’s server-side system, published the app on iTunes and Google Play portals, and ensured maintenance after publishing. The project was implemented within two months.

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