KOLOSALE iBeacons game

The development of the Kolosāle campaign app was a great opportunity to use our theoretical knowledge of iBeacon technology to create the first application in Latvia with such large-scale use of iBeacon in advertising. The campaign took place in several of the largest shopping centres in Riga. Within the project, we performed extensive tests where we compared iBeacon transmitters delivered by different manufacturers and their configuration properties, practically explored the properties of the iBeacon technology, and studied user habits and the public’s readiness for this type of technological innovation.

As a result, we created a game in which players find several checkpoints with an iBeacon transmitter of a certain radius of operation in each. As the player approaches the transmitter, the app automatically checks in the checkpoint and sends the user directions to the next checkpoint. After finding all checkpoints, the player receives a unique code that can be exchanged for a gift.

The app is created to be easily adapted to various campaigns with the option to remotely define campaign variables through a content management system.


Within the project, we developed the app’s technical specifications, web service documentation and visual design, programmed and tested iOS and Android apps (including testing documentation), integrated with the client’s server-side system, published the app on iTunes and Google Play portals, and ensured maintenance after publishing. The project was implemented within three months.

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