Positivus festival app

It is no doubt that Positivus, the largest festival in the Baltics, needs its own mobile app. So we created it. We have been working with Positivus since 2011, improving the app every year and offering festival visitors increasingly more new opportunities. 

The app includes:

  • Positivus programme that can be viewed according to different variables
  • Personalisation – the visitor’s individual list of musicians
  • Top musician as voted by festival visitors
  • Opportunity to purchase festival tickets
  • Offline mode – the app can be used without internet connection
  • Information about festival musicians
  • Information about catering services at the festival
  • Festival map and other useful information for visitors
  • Links with social networks
  • Content management system that allows the Positivus team to remotely update app content


Within the project, we developed the app’s technical specifications, web service documentation and visual design, programmed and tested iOS and Android apps, integrated with a server-side system, published the app on iTunes and Google Play portals, and ensured maintenance after publishing.

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